Michael Clode
My daughter has found your website and I am now letting you have my family details. I have a copy of the family tree which my uncle commissioned from the college of Arms which goes back several hundred years. My branch of the family seems to have started in Somerset around Crewkerne and moved to Windsor in the early 19th century. My great great Grandfather was a wine merchant and mayor of Windsor and my great Grandfather was Secretary of the General register (Registrar General). We have a letter from Disraeli appointing him. My Grandfather was a director of the Bank of England and my father, who is still alive at 90, was a naval officer. I have just retired as a solicitor and have 4 daughters and now one grandson although not of course a Clode.My brother, Christopher, has no children but my cousin Timothy who lives in Jersey, has a son Richard who is currently at Oxford University.
I have a house in Chelsea and a house in Hampshire where we spend around 3 days a week now I have retired. My first wife died 10 years ago and I remarried 18 months ago. My eldest daughter and her husband and son live in Fulham about 2 miles from us, my second daughter lives in Battersea which is even closer, my third lives in Hong Kong and the youngest is home in the holidays but is in her first year at Oxford Brookes University.
Hope this info is useful. I do have some other bits of family tree and as you may know our relatives in Madeira have produced a genealogy of the Clode family in Portuguese. That branch got there via an English engineer who worked in Brazil and married a Portuguese girl. They now own the Rum distillery and one of the best Madeira houses on the island.
Best wishes
Michael Clode

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March 19 2002
Hampshire  England